Health Benefits of Bowling

Approximately 95 million people all over the world enjoy the game of bowling.  While not an overly intensive workout, participants in bowling enjoy many health benefits, both physically and mentally, as follows;

  1. Promotes the growth of body muscles.

Bowling is a kind of anaerobic exercise that promotes the growth of body muscles. During the game you build up your leg muscles when you are approaching the foul line. Holding the ball in your hand helps to develop the muscles of the arms.

  1. Excellent exercise for the body.

The average bowler walks approximately 6/10ths of a mile during a three-game series.

During the game you are not only building your muscles, but also stretching them. This improves the overall flexibility of the muscles. Swinging your arm for rolling down the ball on the lane, you exercise on your joints, tendons, and ligaments.

  1. Helps in weight loss.

Every movement in the game helps in burning body calories. Depending on an individual’s weight and the amount of effort put into the game, bowling can burn anywhere from 170 to 300 calories per game. An adult who weighs 200 pounds can burn up to 275 calories per hour while bowling, according to

  1. Social benefits of bowling.

While individual competitions and opportunities certainly exist in our sport, bowling is a game that typically is not played alone.  Leagues are based on a “team” format, and the sport therefore tends to bring people together.  Participation in a league helps in building relationships and friendships, introducing new players to a big group of people who share a common interest, whether it be in a competitive league atmosphere or just a fun/social league.

  1. Helps relieve stress.

Stress is simply a part of our lives, perhaps more so today than in the past.  Bowling engages us in physical activity, which is a known stress reliever, and also involves a significant amount of socializing with fellow bowlers, both teammates and the competition.  The combination of both physical activity and social interaction help make bowling a stress reliever for many.

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