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Bowl Canada launches new logo as initial step in rebrand

Bowl Canada is pleased to announce its new logo effective February 1st, 2015.

Created by Gravity Inc. of Toronto, the logo offers a contemporary look and feel for Bowl Canada, and becomes the cornerstone of the industry’s current rebranding process.  “We were incredibly pleased with this design.” claims Paul Oliveira, Executive Director of Bowl Canada, “The entire Board honed in on it right away, which speaks volumes.  And the team at Gravity Inc. has been great to work with.  We can’t wait to see the new website up and running.”

Bowl Canada’s main participation program, Youth Bowl Canada, is also undergoing a rebranding exercise and is expected to launch its new look this spring.

Bowling tips for “Learn to bowl” bowlers

Tip 1

  • There are 4 aiming methods in 5 pin bowling. The one that produces the best results is spot bowling. This uses a fixed target 15 feet from the foul line. To properly understand spot bowling you need to better understand the rifle technique. When you have found your starting position  on the approach this is the rear sight. The dot at the foul line where the ball is released is the front sight and the arrow which the ball rolls over is the target.

  • It is suggested that the target remains the same and that only the right sight and front sight is adjusted.


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